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25 Years Experience25 Years Experience
Highest rated tattooist in Milton KeynesHighest rated Tattooist in MK
Multi International award winningMulti International award winning
Coolest studio in Milton Keynes Coolest studio in MK
Specialist in piercingsSpecialist in piercings

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MK Tattoo

Best Tattooist in Milton Keynes 

25 Years Experience 
Multi-award Winning  
Best rated in Milton Keynes  

We create stunning tattoo's

MK Tattoo Machine

Tattooing is our love

Customise your tattoo with our in-house artist to make it completely unique to yourself.

Milton Keynes Piercing

Pierce you anywhere

We have the most experienced piercer in Milton Keynes. Why would you go anywhere else?

MK Tattoo Laser Removal
Tattoo Laser Removal

Laser you clean

Tattoo removal? Body hair removal? We've got the latest and greatest machines around.

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Tattoo? Demand the best.

You should expect a first class Tattoo Studio with artists that love, understand and take pride in Tattooing.

You'll want a minimum of 25 years experience and you'll demand a Multi-International Award Winning Artist.

You'll expect a friendly atmosphere as well as an impeccably clean super cool looking studio.

You'll expect a 100% customer review approval rating.

Welcome to Milton Keynes Tattoo!

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Milton Keynes Tattoo Portfolio

Piercings look fabulous

Piercings from MK Tattoo

Experienced Piercer

We've been piercing our customers for over 30 years. Prices start from £30 and whilst it's true we're more expensive than most.

You should know that you'll get an absolutely perfect result and can have complete confidence that nothing will go wrong.

a small arrow    We are worth the money.

We do Piercings

Fashionable Piercings

Low-key studs, multiple ear piercings and all manner of metal in your helix, tragus, daith and rook will be your go-to statement trend should you want to make a statement.

That’s the beauty of piercings, see - if you change your vibe, you just take them out.

a small arrow    Individuality on an entry-level scale.

Chart showing where you can have piercings

Piercing -  but where?

Belly? Nose? Ear?

Somewhere more discreet?.

At MK Tattoo we've been piercing for 30 years and we're the most experienced in MK.

The chart on the right gives you some ideas if you're stuck.

Tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal by Laser

As much as we love Tattooing, circumstances change and what seemed like a good idea at the time...

Laser removal is a highly effective way to remove an unwanted Tattoo.

One session of laser removal is pretty quick, a Tattoo that takes an hour to put on, will take 5 minutes to pass over with the laser. You can have 1 session of laser treatment every 4-6 weeks. Removal can take between 6-15 sessions depending on your immune system, blood flow, quality of the tattoo and ink used.

The best thing to do is to book in for an initial 3 sessions and then we'll have a good idea about the success factor.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Laser Tattoo Removal

As a rule, BLACK is the easiest colour to remove whilst YELLOW is one of the hardest and may never remove 100%.

The best thing to do is to book in for an initial 3 sessions and then we'll have a good idea about the success factor.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Milton Keynes
Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Micro Pigmentation for scalps

Affordable hair loss solution, known as scalp micro pigmentation .

We are now offering this service, where you could achieve results like this, new natural looking hair follicle tattoo.

Please note the photos below are purely to show results achievable and not work done by ourselves.


Check out our latest Tattoo's

Arm design with eye
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Tattoo of a beautiful flower on the ribs
Attention to detail and flows well
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Rising from the ashes
Tribal Tattoo on the arm - mk tattoo
ARM piece
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Tribal Tattoo
arm piece
Showing a different style of tribal.
Japanese tattoo on the back
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Tattoo of a nice skull on the shoulder
Musical Skull
our team

The great people who makes this possible

Fantastic attentive staff is our secret to providing you an incredible service.

Tattoo Master Uncle Pete of MK Tattoo
Tattoo Master
From £70 p/h

Pete 'The Uncle'

Pete has been tattooing for the past 25 years and has won numerous Winner Awards at Tattoo conventions throughout the world. Now based in Milton Keynes he owns and runs a multi-award winning Tattoo Studio. Pete is an expert with all styles of Tattoo and specialises in black'n'shade.

Visit our studio

We do more than you think at MK Tattoo


Full Piercing Service

We have separate and private treatment areas for piercing and we've been doing it nearly 30 years! We do all the standard piercings and the more discrete too! Most standard piercings cost £25 each.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

We all make mistakes and luckily we have modern laser removal machines which are very effective at removing the majority of tattoo's. Pop into the studio for a free consultation.


Laser Hair Removal

We have modern machines for laser hair removal which once completed is a permanent option and therefore cheaper than waxing or other semi-permanent techniques. Pop into the studio for a free consultation.  


What our happy customers are saying

Had my 1st Tattoo done on Tue 24th Feb and WoW!!! The studio is beautifully designed and maintained plus the staff and the man himself go out of their way to treat you like Royalty like your the most important person to have walked into their tattoo parlor that day.

MK Tattoo Customer Reviews
Justin Duff

MK Tattoo are an excellent tattoo and piercing store/parlor. The staff are very polite and friendly. At first I was scared when I was getting my tongue pierced but they made me feel very safe and comfortable. All their equipment is clean and safe.                   

Customer Testimonial
nadia wood

Everything about this place is awesome. I wish I had come here for my 1st tattoo! I just had one covered over by Pete & everything was brilliant from the get go. I described in a vague, far away and dreamy way what it was I wanted & it was brought it to life in a way I couldn't have imagined!

adam pope

Really nice and professional. The tattoo was done quickly and without any issues and the staff was eager to discuss everything until i was satisfied. Will definitely come back for future tattoos.

MK Tattoo Customer Reviews

Thank you Pete for doing such a great job yesterday! Everyone was welcoming with a fun attitude...would totally recommend this place! Thanks again, love my new tattoos! :D

Customer Testimonial
Vanessa  Williams

First time here, very happy from the minute I walked in, bubbly lovely lady at the desk she was welcoming and understanding. Pete the tattooist did amazing work, he got it perfect, nice man professional and so chilled at the same time nice flo of conversation.

Giuseppe  Catalano

Love love love my tattoo, had it for 2 weeks now and it is fully healed and looks amazing. Have absolutely nothing negative to say about my experience. Would never get a tattoo from anywhere else :)

Naomi  Davies

Pete and the team at Milton Keynes Tattoo are amazing, friendly, welcoming and reassuring. I've had piercings, tattoo and tattoo removal all performed by Pete and would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended!!

Maria Adams
Tat Removal

Had my new tattoo here, very impressed with the service & quality offered. They helped design the art work for me, very clean, great artwork on my leg - all in all very impressed! Top studio & great friendly people!

Stuart Silk
why Milton Keynes Tattoo?

Some good reasons to use us!

Award Winning Multi Tattooist in Milton Keynes
AWESOME studio

After Care

Milton Keynes Tattoo is the highest rated Tattooist in MK scoring a perfect 100% with our clients.

Based in Wolverton we are also the most experienced piercer in MK.

Award Winning Medals Tattooist
Multi Award-Winning

Check Our Amazing

Professional, experienced and caring we love to welcome you to MK Tattoo.

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